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Payment Information

Functional Medicine 4 Athletes does not take insurance or Medicare as payment for services. FM4Athletes takes credit cards, HSA cards, Venmo, cash, or checks.

Conventional labs that need to be ordered:

I order the labs you need. I will need your insurance information to do this so please provide this when setting up your account through the FITNESS SERVICES that links you to my medical software OPTIMANTRA.

You make your own Quest Diagnostics account, use the link below.


You pick a time to have your blood drawn that is convenient to you. BE SURE TO FAST FOOD and ONLY DRINK WATER 8 HOURS PRIOR to the lab draw.

Functional Medicine labs to be ordered:

I will be order these through RUPA Health. They send you an email that you have lab kits ready to be sent. You pay for the kits, and these arrive at your house within about a week. Most kits are at home kits. A few may require a blood draw. If you need blood drawn per the test request, Any Lab Test Now is the place to go in Franklin, TN.

Any Lab Test Now
1735 Galleria Blvd
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 778-9025


It is best to call them directly to set up an appointment.