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How do I become a patient?

Go to the PATIENT PORTAL right hand corner on the website and create an account. Add your personal information, and credit card information. Sign consent forms and fill out the questionnaire.

Where to I find the questionnaires?

The questionnaire will automatically be assigned to you in relation to the type of service you choose.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance or Medicare. Some insurance carriers may cover medical services and laboratory tests performed by our clinicians. We can provide a detailed receipt for services performed for you to submit to your insurance carrier directly.

Do we meet in person or online through telemedicine?

We can meet you at your business, gym, the golf course, etc. if we have the privacy to protect your information. We can also conduct a telemedicine meeting through my medical software.

Can you be my Primary Care Physician?

My goal is to provide preventive, nutritional, and deep dive investigation leading to repair and a maintenance plan by using functional medicine. I am not a Primary Care Physician.

What is your cancellation policy?

For all appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment date, there will be no refund unless a significant reason. This fee can be applied to any appointment that is rescheduled within 6 months from the original appointment date. I appreciate your understanding.