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Functional Sports Medicine 4 Athletes – What is it?

At Functional Medicine 4 Athletes we combine Functional Medicine with conventional medicine approach for our professional athletes and dedicated amateur athletes. We promote wellness, and facilitate the prevention and treatment of inflammation, injury, overreaching and overtraining.

The Functional Medicine Viewpoint

Functional Medicine looks at the human body as a universe. Within this universe, there are a variety of chemical reactions and interactions, communication systems, pipelines, electrical systems, energy production, nutrient use, detoxification, waste removal, transportation networks, and many more functions that can affect your entire universe. The human body is more than compartments of orthopedics, cardiology, neurology, etc.

Chronic Inflammation

Reduction in your athletic performance may be related to overreaching, which, when you don’t spend time in recovery, may lead to overtraining, and a much longer recovery time from months to a year. Overreaching is one way to induce chronic inflammation. How would you know? Do you follow the trends on your heart rate variability and your morning temperature to help you prevent overreaching? Do you know what constitutes recovery?

There are multiple triggers outside of overtraining that lend to chronic inflammation. Some of these triggers can be poor sleep, inappropriate nutrition, travel, toxins, supplements, medications, active and hidden infections, unknown food sensitivities, the stress of an argument with your spouse, building a house, work, loneliness, guilt, and so much more.

Chronic inflammation creates oxidative stress (a toxic state) in your body and brain. It affects your immunity, cognition, gut, energy production, muscle function, and more. Chronic inflammation affects your strength, power, endurance, and agility.

If you are struggling with your athletic performance, our job is to help you get it back by recognizing the triggers, finding the root imbalances in your body, brain, and lifestyle, then treating these imbalances appropriately.

We are on your team!

We would like to share treatment, trends, and lab results with your trainers, coaches, primary care physician, and any physician specialists if you agree.

We encourage you to maintain conventional health care with your primary care physician (PCP) and your specialists, and to keep an amicable and open relationship with them. We may refer you to a specialist or PCP based on our concerns or findings.

We do not specialize in primary care health or specialty health management.

We do Functional Medicine,

And we love doing it!

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